Notorious 'Piggy Back Bandit' spotted in North Central High School

A man known as the Piggyback Bandit who has been freaking out high school athletes for some five years was spotted at North Central High School last Thursday. Kevin Morrison with Spokane Public Schools says school resource officers have been alerted to keep a look out for Sherwin Shayegan after he showed up at North Central on November 30.

We first told you about Shayegan in 2012. He's made a name for himself by crashing high school sporting events in at least five states, in some cases coaxing players to give him a piggyback ride. Shayegan has been banned from high school sporting events in Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota. According to an Associated Press report, Shayegan's antic could go all the way back to 2008.

Since attracting national attention in 2012, the Piggyback Bandit has seemingly gone quiet.

It's unclear why Shayegan was at North Central High School on Thursday, but given his lengthy criminal history, resource officers were told to keep an eye out for him.

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