"Now we can keep food on the table" -- North Spokane hotel employees finally paid

SPOKANE, Wash-- Employees of a north Spokane hotel that was recently shutdown have finally been compensated. An eviction notice was served on the OYO Hotel on Tuesday stating everyone had to be out by Friday. That had employees even more nervous about being paid what they were owed.

On Monday, employees we spoke with said they were finally able to pay their bills.

"I think [the story] lit a fire, yeah," said Ashley Marriott. "It got the word out. [The owner] finally took care of what he needed to."

Ashley, along with other former OYO employees, had to find new jobs. She says she was worried sick as she struggled to make ends meet.

"This is my life," she said. We all have kids we need to take care of. We have bills. We need to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table."

While several employees said they are satisfied, some said they are still owed from the most recent pay period. After employees were unable to cash checks from late last month, the majority stopped coming to work because they feared they wouldn't be compensated for that time either. A handful of employees did still come in to keep the hotel running for their guests until their final day in business.

"Today is a new payday and we're hoping we can cash [those] checks," Billie Collins said. "We're praying we can."

Employees did file paperwork with L&I. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, it's critical you do the same. Multiple attempts to connect with the owner were unsuccessful.

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