Offers to DJ local Daddy-Daughter Dance pour in after Help Me Hayley Request

FREEMAN, Wash. -- A 'daddy-daughter dance' dilemma was quickly solved because of the kindness of strangers.

On Thursday, Freeman Elementary's parents reached out to our Hayley Guenthner to say, "Help Me, Hayley." Here is what they wrote:

“Hi Hayley,

We at Freeman Elementary have been planning our Father-Daughter Dance for this Friday, February 7th and we have been unable to secure a DJ for the dance! Worst case scenario, we do have a sound system and can play a playlist, but ideally we would love to have the personality and skill a DJ can bring to the dance experience!

This dance raises money for our school, and also is such a highlight for the dad's and daughters of our community. I know my daughter has been wearing her dress all week, and each morning asks dad, "Is today our dance daddy?".

We really would love to make this dance the best it can possibly be, and know a DJ can be key to spice up the night for our families, to help make the dance much more exciting and personal.

Our DJ budget has typically been around $100-$150, but we can be flexible if need be to make this work for everyone involved! The dance is 6-8pm THIS FRIDAY February 7th at Freeman Elementary! Thank you so much for your time!”

Hayley made the community aware of their struggle, and in less than an hour, she had dozens of offers to help. 

DJ Brentano Russelli told Hayley it was his honor to get to be there last night for the dance.

"I'm glad people attention to that sort of thing and tag people, or I never would have known," he said. "I'm so thankful that I could help. I think they'll be taken care of for a long time to come now. And I thank you for that."