Officer on leave, two men charged in bizarre kidnapping

It all started at a small home in North Spokane near Courtland and Nevada. I was there today and spoke with someone leaving the house: but no one was talking about what happened.

Sherard Henderson and Jamar Dickerson were both in court Friday and charged with first degree kidnapping.

Court documents say the two believed the victim stole fifty thousand dollars in drug money from them. They kidnapped her in an attempt to make her pay. One way or another.

According to court documents, the victim was stabbed with a knife, hit multiple times with a frying pan and was dragged through a Lowes parking lot by her hair.

Then at 1:00AM Thursday morning. A bizarre twist. Police say Dickerson and two women showed up to the home of Spokane Police Officer John Arredondo.

Chief Meidl says one of the women is related to officer Arredondo and while it's not clear why they showed up, we do know what happened next.

Officer Arredondo took the victim to the hospital, then called his supervisor. Chief Meidl says when he learned what happened he placed Officer Arredondo on paid leave.

"What we're trying to ascertain is what his level of involvement is and I think the community obviously expects  a big degree of transparency and integrity and the way we can assure that is by having the sheriff's office conduct that initial criminal investigation," said Chief Meidl.  

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