You know to look both ways before crossing the street, but Friday on the South Hill, the Spokane Police Department did a little looking of their own. They weren't focused on the people crossing, but at the drivers who failed to yield.

The plan took one step on the street, one undercover cop, and ended with dozens of people getting chased down all for breaking the same law. A law, that says as soon as someone steps onto the street, drivers better stop, or they're getting a ticket.

Officer Lewis spent his morning crossing 29th and Mount Vernon St, hundreds of times. What the drivers couldn't see, were the police officers, hiding behind bushes, ready to catch any driver who failed to stop.

This particular crosswalk on the South Hill is right across from senior apartments. Officers have received several complaints from people living here, saying cars aren't giving them the right of way.

But, this isn't the only spot in Spokane where drivers and people collide. The City of Spokane says from 2005 to 2012, which is the most recent data available; cars have hit pedestrians nearly a thousand times.

Officers said they've heard every excuse in the book for not stopping, like they weren't sure if the person was going to cross. The ticket for failing to stop, $139 bucks.

"Sometimes you get a ticket, sometimes you get a talking-to, but the goal here today is to change driver behavior," Sergeant John Griffin said.