SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - An electrical issue was to blame for a fire at a Spokane Valley warehouse where Lime scooters were being stored, according to fire officials.  

According to Julie Happy with the Spokane Valley Fire Department, the scooter's battery packs were not the cause of the fire that damaged 15 percent of Spokane's scooter fleet. 

Instead, Happy said the scooters' lithium batteries exploded due to the heat of the fire and contributed as fuel to the flames. Investigators are working to determine whether an outlet or power box issue caused the blaze. 

Following a Lime warehouse fire in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood back in August, Lime has taken additional precautions to shut off power sources at night. 

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SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Approximately 15 percent of the Spokane Lime Scooter fleet was destroyed by the overnight fire according the a Lime spokesperson.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department's investigation is ongoing and the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. However, the high temperature condition did cause thermal runaway to occur with the lithium batteries of the scooters. Thermal runaway occurs if the temperature reaches a critical level. 

SVFD's Julie Happy told KHQ there were no challenges to containing the fire, and there are no concerns over hazmat contamination from runoff.

Happy said smoke, and runoff from the Lime products destroyed were contained to the building.

This isn't the first time a Lime warehouse caught fire. In August a fire started in a Seattle warehouse after a Lime bike battery pack exploded and caused nearby batteries to explode, My Ballard reports.

The investigation is ongoing at the fire started in the Spokane Valley location.

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Dozens of firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire at a Lime assembly warehouse overnight, leading to hundreds of Lime Scooters & Bikes being burnt up.

Spokane Valley Fire Department & Spokane Fire Department arrived at the commercial structure fire at 5500 block of East Mallon around 11:30 p.m Sunday. A 911 caller had reported black and grey smoke coming from the building.

Arriving crews faced some challenges, and additional resources were brought to the scene after upgrading to a second alarm. SVFD says gaining access to the building initially slowed crews from entrance and natural gas was also free flowing from the front of the structure.

Firefighters were eventually able to aggressively attack the seat of the fire. In all, 21 trucks and command vehicles responded with about 50 firefighters.

KHQ arrived at the scene and observed at least 100 Lime scooters & bikes were completely burned up overnight and being stacked outside the building in a big pile, with several more inside.

Crews tell KHQ the building is a Lime assembly warehouse, and that several surrounding businesses will be closed for multiple days because of fumes.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and an estimate on damage and costs is unavailable at this time.

KHQ has been told that any Lime employees assessing the damage from the fire will not be allowed to comment.