Ohio police: Don't eat traffic cones

Following the social media explosion of the Tide POD challenge, a police department in Norwood, Ohio, is trying to get a jump on the next potentially dangerous challenge before it hits Facebook. In a post to their Facebook page Friday, the Norwood Police Department warned people not to eat traffic cones.

Despite appearances, police warn that traffic cones are not actually giant pieces of candy.

"We have been made aware that persons are possibly eating Tide Pods because they resemble candy. We thought it would be prudent to let persons know that this traffic cone is not just a really big piece of candy corn."

Norwood PD's post comes following doctors warning against the social media trend of eating Tide PODs laundry detergent. Doctor's say eating the detergent could cause serious health risks.

Meanwhile, Norwood Police say eating a traffic cone would probably not taste great, in addition to being extremely difficult to actually accomplish.

"They don't taste at all like candy. Please do not try to eat them. Though most likely not dangerous to eat, a traffic cone would be very chewy, could taste like motor oil, and be extremely difficult to swallow."

Since it was posted Friday, Norwood Police's post has been shared more than 500 times.

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