Washington's wolf population surge slows, worrying advocates

The Okanogan County Sheriff's Office reports a research student is safe after she encountered a pack of wolves near the Tiffany Springs Campground Thursday afternoon. She called dispatch and reported she was 30 feet up a tree with a pack of wolves surrounding it.

Okanogan Search and Rescue personnel and Okanogan sheriff's deputies responded to the scene. 

The Department of Natural Resources was notified and advised they would be sending a helicopter to the site where the student was. Dispatch advised that as the helicopter flew into the area, there were wolves on the ground. The wolves scattered once the helicopter landed and the student was rescued.

The sheriff's office says the area where this happened is a popular summer recreation spot. There are several campgrounds, high mountain lakes, and trails in the area.

Deputies say they're sending a team to investigate whether the area is a kill site or a den site, and determine if there is any threat to people in the area. 

"If these types of situations are going to become a common occurrence, we would like to be prepared for potential encounters in the future," Sheriff Frank Rogers said in a release Thursday.