Okanogan 6th grade student says she received hateful letter: 'Do us all a favor and kill yourself!'

KHQ.COM - A horrifying letter written anonymously to a female 6th grade student at Okanogan Middle School has received thousands of shares on Facebook as community members are outraged the student received such a hateful letter.

The letter starts with "Guess what? I heard nobody likes you!"

It goes on to use expletives to name call and ends with, "you're an embarrassment to everybody. Do us all a favor and kill yourself!"

The letter us signed with a question mark and a smiley face.

We spoke with Okanogan Middle School Principal Brett Baum who said he wasn't to comment a lot on the incident because a full investigation is underway. Police and the family of the student who says she received the letter have been and police have been notified. Authorities are currently examining the note in a crime lab and comparing it with writing samples with students at the school.


In addition to a statement he sent out to the community, he did make it clear that the school takes all bullying incidents very seriously. Baum also said they try to take a very proactive approach at the school to promote and teach anti-bullying to all students.

Here is the statement Baum released to us:

"Dear Community Members,

A post was made to Facebook last night about a student who received a very harassing note.  This incident is under investigation and as such, we are unable to give out specific details on what is happening.

What I can say is that we are doing what we can to support this student and all of our students.  Okanogan Middle School and the Okanogan School District take bullying/harassment/intimidation threats very seriously.  This incident has also been reported to the Okanogan County Sheriff department.  The school has spoken with a detective, the Sheriff department is aware of the note and information found through the investigation will be shared with the department.

The Okanogan School Districts takes student safety very seriously and as such will be working with our students not only to resolve this issue but also to continue teaching our children to work together to end all school violence and threats.

Update: 3/29/18-  12:15pm

The school has met with a Detective and we’ve gone over writing samples.  The writing samples were taken by the detective and will be analyzed by crime lab experts in order to determine if any of the samples match the harassing note."

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