One man's Valentine's Day surprise for single women in Spokane

SPOKANE, WASH. - For some women, Valentine's Day means getting spoiled by the person they love. But for all the single ladies, it means you get to watch other women get spoiled by the person they love.

"This holiday we tend to get forgotten," single lady, Sarah Jean Meddock, said.

Last year, Meddock said she wanted the day to be over. But, that's when Meddock's friend sent her a little surprise at work.

"All of a sudden this handsome cowboy comes walking in with a rose, and I'm going 'wait, what's happening,'" Meddock said.

For the past seven years, Seth Stewart gives out roses to single women on Valentine's Day, with a particular focus on widows, and the wives or girlfriends of deployed service members.

"Last year we had one lady, she broke down sobbing, she hugged me for about half a minute. Her husband had passed away in the last year, and she just thought that she was by herself," Stewart said.

Stewart and his friends have a Facebook page called "Rose Rush," where you can nominate single women to receive a free rose.

"It literally set the tone for my whole entire day, and I'm not kidding, I think it changed my entire Valentine's Day," Meddock said.

The men start at 8 am, and Stewart said he'll deliver roses all night if he has to, because last year, they gave out over 400 roses.

Stewart has a Go Gund Me to help pay for this, but if needed, he'll even pay out of pocket, because he knows how much it means to these women.

As for Meddock, now she sends roses to her single gal pals.

"It's something that's so small, it's just a small little gesture, and it'll completely change the tone of everyone's day. It's the little things in life," Meddock said.