Online bear tracker shows where bears are in Yosemite National Park

For the first time ever, the National Parks Service has launched an online bear tracker that shows everyone where bears are roaming and hanging out in Yosemite National Park which is home to hundreds of black bears. We know many of you are asking, "why would they do this?" and "how will they keep these bears from being illegally hunted?" Don't worry, all of this has been thought out.

There's actually a time delay on the data and the National Parks Service isn't revealing how long that time delay is. Also, sensitive data like den locations and really specific location coordinates are not being shared in real time.

The bear tracker can be seen at The green dot shows a bear that the National Park Service is doing a case study on. The brown dots show other bears in the park with tracking devices. If you click on the dots, you can actually see the path the bears have traveled and how far they have gone in the last 30 days.

The hope is that by better understanding bears patterns and by knowing where they are, park rangers will be able to keep them away from humans, especially during this time of year when bears are all coming out of hibernation, beginning a constant search for food.

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