Paranormal investigators share chilling findings from Hauser ghost hunt

Last week, KHQ told you about a restaurant many are convinced is haunted. The latest owner says customers and staff alike have all reported experiences with paranormal activity.

"They'll have the hair on their arms stand up and feel like they've been touched while they're sitting," owner Matt Isom said. "But, nobody's behind them, no one has walked past them."

The restaurant is called Dmac's. It sits on Hauser Lake. It's exchanged ownership multiple times over the years. Isom said previous employees and longtime customers have told him they too have seen or heard ghosts. Alleged ghost sittings date back several years.

Crews with East Washington's Paranormal group decided to see if they could find any evidence of the claims.

On Saturday, they used a variety of methods to try to connect with the ghosts. That included asking the spirits to turn on a flashlight to answer questions. We have attached that video in the story.

The main spirit they were working to find is a young girl named Maddie. Isom said he was told Maddie was murdered in the building when it operated as Brothel decades ago.

"We asked her if she was happy there, what we got is she was," paranormal investigator Charles Johnson said. "It was indicated she liked the bar, enjoyed the laughter."

Johnson believes his crew also captured what he describes as orbs. He says they are spirits that are not visible to the naked eye.

He said he understands not everyone believes in ghosts, and he respects that.

"You'll hear (the orbs) are dust, it's moisture, it's insects, that's all good to keep in mind, but I think it's spirit energy," he said.

KHQ's Hayley Guenthner recorded a podcast going in-depth with Johnson and how he investigates paranormal activity. For that, click here