Patio set stolen in broad daylight latest in Kendall Yards crime spike

UPDATE: A previous report attributed crime stats across a broad precinct to Kendall Yards specifically. Kendall Yards is located within Spokane City Police Precinct 2, and property crime statistics across the precinct are mostly down. Residential burglaries in Precinct 2 are actually down 66% (3/1) for the week, and down 13% (78/90) for the year. Garage burglaries are down 60% for the week (2/5), but up 20% (41/34) for the year. Commercial burglaries are up 100% (4/2) for the week and 36% (34/25) for the year. Vehicle thefts are down 16% (5/6) for the week, but up 70% (102/60) for the year. Overall property crime stats in Precinct 2 are down 27% for the week (40/56) but up 14% for the year (852/746). See the full COMP STAT LIST HERE:


A scenic and popular Spokane neighborhood is dealing with a crime spike.

Property crime in the area is something Dan McCarville and his fiancé are all too familiar with. The couple just poured hundreds of dollars into new patio furniture, only to have it ripped off in the middle of the day.

"We were only able to enjoy it for about a month," McCarville said.

Neighbors actually saw two men loading up their patio set into a truck. They didn't catch more details than that, but hopefully that won't happen again. Neighbors said they are now photographing any moving truck in the area in case they hear of suspicious activity later.

Homeowners are also frequently chaining things together, or to their decks to hopefully deter thieves.

Police recommend etching your driver's license number on your property. That way if it's stolen, it'll be easy to track you down.

The couple did report the theft to crime check. If you've seen it, please let us know. 

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