Pharmacy robbery suspect makes false report before robbery

SPOKANE, Wash. - Police have taken yet another pharmacy robbery suspect into custody after the Walgreens at Division and Empire was robbed Sunday afternoon.

Police say 26-year-old Lance Shaw walked into the store on Sunday afternoon and demanded the painkiller Oxycontin. Shaw told employees he had a gun, but never displayed one. 

Shaw then fled on foot with an unknown amount of the drug. After a short chase and altercation with police he was arrested near the intersection of Howard and Providence.

Police say Shaw tried to open the stolen pill bottle and swallow as many pills as he could.   Police were able to knock most of them away from him, but paramedics were called out to check on the man before he was booked into the Spokane County Jail. Shaw was unable to ingest any pills before being arrested.

Prior to entering the Walgreens, police say Shaw used a pay phone outside the store to call police and make a false report of a man holding a baby at gunpoint demanding drugs in another part of town to try and divert authorities from catching him. 

Police say his plan backfired because after he made the call they sent units to the Walgreens to investigate where the call originated from.

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