PHOTOS: Avalanche strands Amtrak train in Montana


UPDATE: Amtrak says two trains that initially had to stop outside of Browning, Montana on Sunday afternoon, have now made it back to Cut Bank and Whitefish, Montana. The trains had to stop due to broken tracks caused by an avalanche. Both trains had passengers on board who have since been unloaded while they wait until the tracks clear or alternate arrangements for transportation are made.

Amtrak says they will have another update for us in a couple hours on how this incident will affect other trains until the tracks are repaired.


An Amtrak train full of passengers is reportedly stranded in Montana. A viewer who is stuck on that train contacted our newsroom and sent us photos from the scene.

She says the train is stopped near Browning, MT and that the tracks broke due to an avalanche that came down earlier. She also said the train is slowly moving backwards trying to make it to the nearest town.

The train has reportedly been stuck since Sunday afternoon and could possibly be stuck for the next couple days.

We have reached out to Amtrak and will update this story when we get their response.

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