PHOTOS: Bozeman Police help save horse stuck in the mud

There are things from my childhood that would have been useful for me to remember. Anything beyond 8th grade math comes to mind.

I'm constantly forgetting important things my wife is telling me, but ask me to quote every Emilio Estevez line from Young Guns and I'm alright. It's been a life-saver on more than one occasion. 

The point is that my mind is full of mostly movie quotes and song lyrics instead of actual useful bits of knowledge. 

Like if I had come across this story out of Bozeman, I wouldn't have actually known what to do to save the life of the horse, but I would've been able to accurately pretend that I was Atreyu trying save Artax from the Swamp of Sadness in The Neverending Story. That scene was so traumatizing for a child! All the horse had to do was try to get out, but he just gave up! Still gets me every time. 

Police there came across a horse stuck just like Artax, except instead of a swamp of sadness, it was just a mud pit next to an energy substation. 

This story had a much happier ending than The Neverending Story. Officers and a deputy from the Sheriff's Office were able to grab some heavy equipment from the City and help pull the exhausted equine out of his mud pit. Perhaps some positive thoughts from Mr. Horse too, yeah? 


At first, the police department shared the photos in an effort to find the horse's owner. An update from the police department says the horse's owner has been found and the vet said he will be just fine!. 

R.I.P. Artax. 

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