PHOTOS: Homes sliding off cliff? Unstable ground causing unrest in Wandermere Estates


Extremely wet and potentially unstable ground is causing distress for some homeowners who live near the Wandermere Golf Course in North Spokane.

A sign posted on one of the homes reads, "this facility has been inspected under emergency conditions by Spokane County Division of Building and Code Enforcement. Warning: This structure has been damaged and its safety is questionable. Enter only at own risk. Aftershocks or other events may result in death or injury." The sign is dated March 29, 2017.

An attorney for the homeowners tells us their home in Wandermere Estates appears to be sliding off a cliff.

Geologists hired by the Wandermere Estates Home Owners Association were out surveying the soil today.

We spoke with the homeowner's attorney who says there was a landslide on that property several years ago

The attorney tells KHQ the builder, Ted Miller Construction Inc. did not disclose that information when he built the home.

We talked to Ted Miller on the phone who says he did not know about the landslide.

Miller went on to say he did know about a water main break in 2013 that caused a retaining wall to fail.

According to documents received by KHQ, the damage was evaluated by KHS Engineers.

The report concludes the lot was okay to build on once repairs were made.

We also reached out to the Wandermere Estates homeowners association who told us "The issue is too technical for us to comment on.”

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