PHOTOS: Spokane family reunited with puppy it says was stolen from yard

It’s the kind of happy ending a 6-year-old would dream about, but it actually became reality for Zakk Neidhart.

On Easter Sunday, Zakk and his father, Matt, were playing with his 12-week-old German Shepherd puppy, Odin, in the yard. They were getting ready to take him on a walk, so they ran inside to grab a leash.

Matt still can’t believe it happened. A neighbor told him that he saw a man carrying, and running off with Odin. When Matt and Zakk went to look for him, Odin was nowhere to be found.

“It took a couple of hours and he started kind of realizing he was gone and he was crying all night,” Matt says about Zakk.

But then, after we posted about this, a woman reached out to us saying that she found the dog.

She was driving along Division Sunday evening, and saw a German Shepherd puppy in the middle of the busy street. She believes whoever took the dog dumped him after a few blocks.

Monday afternoon, this woman brought Odin back to Zakk, reuniting the best friends.

“The boy's got his buddy back. The boy and the puppy they're back. Thank you,” says Sunny, his mom, through tears.

As for Zakk, he just can’t stop smiling.

“Odin's back home!” Zakk says.