Pilot okay after small plane crash in Hillyard

A small plane crashed in Hillyard near Wellesley and N. Freya on Friday.

Firefighters were called to an extrication crash in the 3600 block of E. Wellesley which turned out to be a plane down. Officers were on scene within seconds and assisted the pilot as he got out of the plane. 

“I looked up and I could here sputtering, missing, obviously not a steady sound so I knew it was missing cylinders or something,” said Spokane Police Officer Scott Hice. “And then the engine cut out totally. You could here it ceased up on him and he starts to lose some serious altitude.”

Witnesses say the plane had just taken off from Felts Field and was flying low while experiencing problems. The plane circled around and landed in a vacant field near Ferrall and Wabash. 

“Thirty second later I hotfooted it across the field and I’m on scene,” said Hice. By that time he's crawled out of the aircraft and he's walking up to me, he's got some cuts on his face and his legs bleeding a little bit.”

Witnesses saw the pilot walk away from the crash and the Spokane Police Department said he only had minor injuries. 

“I was amazed,” said Hice. “I was hoping he wasn't dead. I thought there would be pieces of aircraft everywhere.”

The FAA/NTSB has been notified. 

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