Pizza delivery driver attacked by two men while on the job

A pizza delivery driver was just doing her job when she was attacked over the weekend while on her route.

On Saturday around 6:30 pm, Cali Shisler finished a pizza delivery to home in the Indian Trail neighborhood. She says she drove a few houses down near Farmdale Street and Woodgrove Court and parked along the side of the road to make a phone call back to Roundtable Pizza where she works to let them know she was on her way back. That’s when she heard her car door rip open.

“They had pulled my face back and started hitting my face as they reached over and tried to get my money bag,” she says.

She defended herself, and then noticed that her car was still in drive so she floored it and took off. The two men who she says attacked her didn’t get anything.

When she got away, she noticed a cut on her winter coat, so she doesn’t know if the guys had a knife on them or not. She called police immediately who responded and took fingerprint off the car. She didn't get a good look at her attackers, but said they were two men, maybe in their 20s. Cali was left with a black eye, a minor concussion, fractured eye socket, and scratches all over her face. She says she is doing better now.

“I'm doing okay. Really dizzy and have a really bad headache. My eye is really sensitive. I'm hanging in there,” says Cali Shisler.

She wanted to speak out so others could learn from her story and stay safe.

“From now on, I'll lock my car no matter what. Every time I'm in it definitely lock your door,” she says. “I just don't want there to be any other incidents…Just be careful.”

If you know anything or have security cameras in the area, let police know. Call Crime Check 509-456-2233. 

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