James Clancy plaque

People gathered in West Central Friday to remember a revered produce vendor and philanthropist who died tragically in a car crash seven years ago.

The reason for the gathering was to dedicate a plaque, near Maxwell and Belt, to James Clancy.

Clancy ran a produce stand near the Maxwell House tavern in West Central and had done so since 1991, donating all proceeds back into the West Central neighborhood.

With Clancy's widow looking on in tears, Councilwoman Karen Stratton spoke about James Clancy's big heart.

"James Clancy was generous with his time and his talent and was always ready to help those in need," Stratton said.

Stratton then shared a quote of Clancy's: "I remember the depression days. If people are hungry, I give them produce."

The plaque recognizes his contributions to the neighborhood and ensures his legacy will live on for years to come.

When asked why he donated the money by the Spokesman-Review in a feature story, he replied, "What do I need it for? I have a good pension, I don't need it."