Playground swings may soon be a thing of the past at Spokane County Schools

SPOKANE, Wash.- Jason Campbell says he takes his daughter Cooper to the park because he thinks its an important part of her childhood. “It's something I want her to be able to experience,” Campbell said. “It's a quintessential play toy.”

But at public elementary schools in Washington, swings might soon become a thing of the past. Steve Aagaard with the Richland School District says the threat of lawsuits is driving this change. He says, "It's a litigation issue, with kids falling off swings." Aagaard says he wouldn't be surprised if Spokane had already banned swings from playgrounds as well and it turns out he's right.

Kevin Morrison, Director of Community Relations for Spokane Public Schools, says that Spokane has already taken the swing sets out of all but two of their elementary school playgrounds. As for the remaining two schools? Morrison says, “They're going to be phased out over the next five years or so.”

Morrison says the reasoning behind the change is to keep kids safe, but not all parents agree with this choice. Back at the playground, Jason Campbell says he thinks this change is “ridiculous,” and adds, “I can't imagine a playground without a swing set. Its something that seems so natural at a playground.”

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