Pokemon Go player helps find missing man with dementia

It's been a little while since Pokemon Go mania swept the nation, but one elderly man with dementia has the mobile game to thank for getting him home safely after he went missing from his Maineville, Ohio, home.

Navy veteran Allison Hines of Covington, Kentucky, plays the game daily. Every day she checks in at a Pokestop -- a real-world location used to get supplies for the game -- at a nearby park. On April 14, she made her usual stop and came across a man who needed help.

83-year-old Homer Howard has dementia and was in the park. Hines saw he had a Navy cap on, so she smiled at him, but he didn't smile back. Hines went to leave, but got a bad feeling about the man in the park.

"As I turned the corner, everything in my being said, ‘Stop, turn this car around and go check on him,'" she told WCPO.

She asked if he was OK and he said he was waiting for his wife to pick him up, but that he didn't know he was in Kentucky.

It's not clear how Howard got about 30 miles away from his home, but he's since been reunited with his family and is recovering from his ordeal.

Hines says she hopes to take him to dinner when he's feeling better.

"I'm very grateful for Pokemon Go," she said. "My goodness. What I loved about it is, when I played its it got me out in the community. It was a social game. Today, it saved a man's life."

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