A 39-year-old five-time convicted felon who was recently released from custody after police say he stole a car from a Spokane dealership was arrested early Thursday morning after trying to steal another car from the 

Early Thursday morning at around 3:00 am, a witness reported seeing a man get into a Mercedes at Northtown Auto Liquidators at Division and Garland. Officers arrived quickly and took Wayne Mellgren into custody after he tried to flee. 

Spokane Police say Mellgren had keys to the Mercedes in his possession, and he also had keys and paperwork from a 2011 Audi SUV which was stolen from the dealership the day before. That car has since been recovered. 

Mellgren was not an employee, customer and had no association with the dealership, but is a suspect in multiple thefts from the business. 

Officers say Mellgren was arrested on October 4 for stealing a Jeep from the dealership, too. He was released from jail three days later. Spokane Police believe Mellgren stole over cars from the same dealership and other areas of Spokane. 

Mellgren has five felony convictions and was arrested on Thursday for Attempted Vehicle Theft, Vehicle Theft, and Possession of a Controlled Substance. 

"Spokane Police take Vehicle Theft very seriously and work tirelessly to bring these cases to a resolution," Officer Joshua Laiva said in a release. "Spokane Police would like to encourage anyone witnessing suspicious activity around parking lots for businesses, during hours when they are not normally open, to call and report the activity to Crime Check at (509)456-2233. Thanks to the help from witnesses, and cooperation from the dealership, these cases resulted in the suspect being arrested and charged."