Yakima tribal leaders declare crisis after crime spike

(AP) - State police say a Boise car thief was arrested after the pickup truck he stole ran out of gas and a trooper stopped to help.


The Times-News reports the trooper began questioning 22-year-old Jedediah Owens after finding the vehicle with a shattered windshield and dealer plates. Owens was stopped on the shoulder of Interstate 84 near Burley.


Police say Owens told the trooper that he had help on the way and that the pickup was borrowed from a friend who worked at the dealership.


The trooper called the dealership, and police say the owner had reported the $13,000 pickup missing.


Owens was charged Tuesday with felony receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle.


Cassia County public defender Tim Schneider didn't immediately return a call from The Associated Press on Friday.



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