Popeye's chicken sandwich

The wait is almost over for Popeyes Chicken Sandwich enthusiasts.

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken announced Monday morning that the Chicken Sandwich will return to their menus for good Sunday, Nov. 3, which is coincidentally National Sandwich Day.

"Y.all...the sandwich is back Sunday, November 3rd. Then every day," Popeyes said in a tweet while specifying "at participating locations."

Popeyes also added some fuel to the fire in the ongoing "Chicken Wars," including a video of a man adding an "Open Sunday" sticker to the Popeyes square on a Freeway sign showing upcoming restaurants. Chick-Fil-A is of course closed on Sundays.

The chicken sandwich was in high demand when Popeyes released it back in August. KHQ even sent reporter Kevin Kim to the nearest location in Post Falls to see if it was worth the hype. It certainly was according to Kevin.

But later in the month, the supply already couldn't keep up with the demand, as Popeyes announced they were officially sold out.

They did try and promote patrons creating their own chicken sandwich through their "BYOB" or bring your own bun campaign, but some said it wasn't the same and some Twitter users slammed them for it.

Some men couldn't handle no for an answer, as one in Tennessee sued Popeyes over the ordeal.

But after an over two-month hiatus, the sandwich is set to return this weekend.

The Post Falls Popeyes is located at 767 N Neufeld Ln and is open at 10:30 a.m. daily.