UPDATE: MAY 17 AT 2:40 P.M.

Discovery Zone Children's Center has closed their doors, according to police.

Sources confirm that they have begun shutting down and moving out of their location on Seltice Way.

Police said that additional parents have come forward alleging child abuse. Police also said past employees have come forward with information, but it is not being released as the investigation is still active.


Two north Idaho couples are speaking out, alleging that employees at Discovery Zone Children's Center in Post Falls are abusing kids.

"Every type of abuse you can think of my children and other children have had to endure" said Jennilea Tilley, a parent of two children that attended Discovery Zone Children Center in Post Falls.

According to the Tilley's the kids weren't fed, came home with bruises, bite marks, and, in an Instagram video Richard Tilley said they were even "touched where they shouldn't be touched."

"It's not just about our kids, its all of your kids," Jennilea Tilley said. "We want these people to be shut down so they can not harm children anymore."

They said when they brought up the accusation to the center, the center stopped communicating with them.

The Tilley's said they went to Post Falls Police and filed a report, called Child Protective Services, and even put a call out to the community.

Richard Tilley posted on Instagram a video of him talking about what he believes is happening at the facility, and it received over 6,000 views, which prompted other parents to speak out.

Raya Prewtir and Lauren Cooper saw the video, and chimed in, saying their toddler went to this facility last year.

"We would get him back with soiled diapers and vomit on his clothes," said Raya Prewtir.

They said they only had their son there for 5 months and would never take him back again.

"As parents we trust you with our children, this is my first experience with daycare, and I never want to take my child to another day care center again," said Prewtir.

KHQ's Ayanna Likens spoke with the owner over the phone. He did not want to speak on-camera. He told her Discovery Zone follows all guidelines and is now waiting for the police investigation to end. 

They also posted on the daycare's Facebook quote:

"Hello, I’m the owner at Discovery Zone Children’s Center and I would like to respond to the things that are being said about me, my childcare center, and my staff. On Friday morning I received a text against one staff member from a parent containing serious allegations of abuse. We then called the parent to allow her to give us any more information. Immediately following that phone conversation, my first call was CPS, 2nd call to PFPD, and my third call was to the state childcare licenser. I received instructions from each of those agencies and have been completely following that direction while we wait for the results of the investigation. We also want to say that although we have complete trust and faith in our teachers at Discovery Zone and their ability to care and love for each one of your kiddos, that we are working with everyone involved as best as we can to resolve any issues that have been brought to our attention. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!"

The center was open Wednesday, but on Thursday, they had a sign up saying they were closed for Memorial Day, which is in more than two weeks.

KHQ found Discovery Zone on Idaho's childcare database, and over the past four years they have failed several health and safety checks, though they came into compliance for each failed check. The violations were small-- like immunization records not updated and a diaper changing area with a fan nearby. The database showed no record of abuse or neglect.

The parents KHQ spoke with said they won't stop fighting until this daycare center is held accountable.

"If you don't bring it to light it's going to continue to happen, said Prewtir.

"If your gut is telling you something, listen to it, I didn't this one time and this is where we are," said Tilley.

KHQ spoke with another parent who spoke very highly of this facility and said she wouldn't want to take her kids anywhere else but this daycare.

She said that she is sad that this place has chosen to close for now because of this.

Post Falls Police said there were several police reports filed, and due to it being an active investigation, they couldn't discuss details of the case.

Post Falls Police ask if any other parents who have had issues with Discovery Zone to reach out to them.

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