Post Falls Police K9 Duco

Courtesy of the Post Falls Police K9 Unit via Facebook

POST FALLS, Idaho - After receiving a write up for damaging a patrol car last month, Post Falls K9 Duco decided "write" a letter explaining that he was just protecting his handler.

The beginning of the letter, which was published on the Post Falls Police K9 Unit's Facebook page, reads, "Due to the overwhelming response regarding my recent 'Letter of Counseling,' I have asked my partner/handler to translate my words so I can address this issue directly."

The letter goes on to explain that early on February 27, Duco and his partner/handler conducted a traffic stop. Duco was left inside the "pawtrol" car but felt it was his duty to still provide a deterrent to the "Bad Guys."

"I made a decision to be aggressive and vocal for all to be warned; 'if you try to harm my partner/handler, this is what will happen to you!'"

Duco explains he's been rewarded numerous times for using this tactic. 

"Now, I apologize that equipment was damaged, but as you are aware, it is and always has been a rule that, 'Anything in my area of the pawtrol car is MINE!' Therefore, I submit that the weather stripping that had come undone and provided me access to it was nothing more than an EQUIPMENT FAILURE that could have injured me and became MINE as soon as it was accessible.

"I would also like to point out that this incident had nothing to do with my partner playing country music, (I like country music), and it had nothing to do with wanting to go home (I like working). This was me simply doing my best to protect my partner.

Duco, concludes the letter by formally appealing the letter of counseling he received and advise that neutering will never occur.

You can read the full write up that Duco received and his response on the Post Falls Police K9 Unit's Facebook page by clicking here.

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