Post Falls wife takes 'prank war' to the next level, goes viral

Tom Elliott’s truck looks naked now after his wife pranked him by having her face plastered all over the sides.

“Anybody that knows us kind of thought it was pretty funny so yeah just waiting for my next gig,” Tom said.

Tom and Erin have pranked each other for the last 25 years.

It started when they were just friends and now they are a match made in prank heaven.

Tom snaps Erin sleeping in funny positions while Erin has always been the one to take it to another level.

“She put a live tarantula in our bed one time,” Tom said.

Erin got the help of CW Wraps and Seejepp Studio to help document the prank process.

Erin says she told Tom that one of her coworkers needed to move a refrigerator and that’s how she was able to get the truck, drive it to work and get it ready.

Last Friday, Tom got a glimpse of the finished product.

He says lookie-loos around town were snapping pictures at stop lights and anywhere they spotted the rig.

His truck went viral, even making its way to comedian Daniel Tosh’s Facebook.

It’s all just fun and games for the two.

“I'm sure I'll be caught sleeping plenty of times for him to find a way to get me back,” Erin said.

Tom tells KHQ Erin should look to the sky for the next prank.

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