Pothole Patrol: Officer helps unlucky ladies fix blown out tires

This week’s Hometown Hero is a Spokane police officer who saw the opportunity to help, and jumped on it.

It seems that Spokane has turned from the Lilac City... into the Pothole Palooza.

They come in all shapes and sizes and there’s just about one per person in the city.

Rough road? That’s an understatement...

NASA tweeted a photo a few weeks ago and one viewer commented - you can see the pot holes from space! Well... ok maybe not quite, but he’s got a point.

Spokane Police Officer Julian Cedeno with Spokane PD stopped to help two ladies with not one but two blown tires... by you guessed it! Potholes. 

“There was this woman who came in and asked him for help and he went out and changed the tire for them,” Cedeno said.

Happening along Freya and Thor, the baristas at Wakeup Call Coffee lucky enough to capture Officer Cedeno in action. 

“Took both tires off... loaded them into the police car.. went over to the tire shop, got them swapped out with new tires, came back and put them back on,” Cedeno said.

Not only going above and beyond but another customer who saw the ordeal bought Officer Cedeno a gift card to thank him, but he turned around and handed it to the two unlucky ladies.

“Just an opportunity to help someone out and they look like they needed it,” Cedeno said.

Officer Cedeno also told me that he loves this community and he felt like he was just doing the right thing. 

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