Power pole in the middle of the street raises questions

It's not the first time the intersection of 8th Avenue and Carnahan Rd. has been in the news. This intersection has had a problem with cars crashing into homes multiple times. The intersection is awkward for drivers because nothing at the intersection that's going south or north lines up, Instead it veers 13 feet.

But back in July, the City of Spokane Valley purchased a home at the dangerous intersection with plans to install a roundabout. But now there's another problem.  It isn't an illusion, and it's not Photoshopped. It's very real. A power pole in the middle of the road. The road has been widened, but this pole didn't move with it. It's blocking traffic, and yes they even paved around it.

We knocked on doors, but neighbors in the area did not want to speak on camera. One did tell us it's been like this since the beginning of November. So we called Avista to get the backstory, and once again, nothing lined up. Avista said they've relocated their wires to a new pole. So the pole's no longer their problem.

We did finally get an answer to my questions from a City of Spokane Valley spokeswoman saying,  "The City of Spokane Valley was aligning the intersection, which meant moving the utility pole. All of the utilities have been moved off the pole, except for Century Link. Century Link is removing the pole tomorrow or Thursday, and then it will be patched. It should all be complete by the end of this week."