Spokane VA surgeon goes missing after morning run

A private investigator hired to look into the death of Dr. John Marshall believes the former VA surgeon was murdered, and his death was not an accident as ruled by the medical examiner.

Private investigator, Ted Pulver, believes Dr. Marshall was attacked by someone with military or police experience the morning he was reported missing. 

“He was murdered,” said Pulver. His body was staged to make it look like a drowning at the Spokane River. I don’t think he spent that much time in the river at all.”

Pulver points to several pieces of evidence to back up his claim that Dr. Marshall was murdered.

He says Dr. Marshall’s body was in pristine condition when located in the river, which Pulver says in unlikely due to the force of the falls.

“When you have the velocity of the Spokane River working against you it will literally rip the flesh off you,” said Pulver. “The velocity of the water causes unbelievable damage to the human body.”

Pulver also questions how the clothes Dr. Marshall was wearing, including gloves and shoes, did not come off from the force of the water.

Pulver says he spoke with a hydrologist who says the water level should not have allowed the body to be found where it was, in the shallows along the shore.

Furthermore, Pulver says the injury to Dr. Marshall’s sternum is unusual.

“If that damage was caused by a rock or some object in the water it would have caused damage to the jacket,” said Pulver. “There is none, making it more likely it was a weapon strike.”

Dr. John Marshall’s body was pulled from the Spokane River on January 26 after his wife reported him missing the day before.

Surveillance video shows Dr. Marshall leaving the YMCA at around 5:00 a.m. on the 25th. The following day his body was found floating in the shallow water on the north side of the Spokane River, just west of the Monroe Street Bridge.

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