Problem house littered with trash and needles near Stevens Elementary

Neighbors who live on East Sinto in Spokane are fed up with a problem house. The house is right down the road from Stevens Elementary "It's taken like the whole community the whole neighborhood to come together as a team and kind of figure out. Like what moves we have to take legally to have these guys shut down,” said Kandice Chapman who lives next door to the problem house.

Laying in the street are empty pill bottles, old wheelchairs and just a whole bunch of trash. Mothers like Kandice Chapman are fed up with those who are living in the three-unit house illegally and not paying rent. She says they are creating hazardous conditions for anyone living or walking nearby “I think it's disgusting,” said Kandice. She continued by adding “I think it's sad because the kids have to walk every day. The officer did come and knock on the door the other day and told us that there were used needles and condoms out here on the ground and I’m thinking oh my gosh this is a school zone.

Since the start of 2018, Spokane Police have been to the problem house a total of six times. The calls range from a simple noise complaint to medical calls and suspicious persons. Liza Hager has had power of attorney over the property and has been trying to clear out all of the problems "I have had nothing but trouble trying to get people out. "There are people living out of cars in the back,” said Liza Hager who has had power of attorney of the property since January of this year.

But last Monday, Liza had her first victory. She evicted one of the units causing all the ruckus. But she still has a long way to go “I found thousands of needles. There’s mold on the walls, there are broken windows, broken doors, carpets destroyed, linoleum’s destroyed and tons and tons of damage to the house,” added Hager. 

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