OLYMPIA, WA - A proposed house bill would phase out the use of studded tires in Washington by July of 2025. 

As of now, tires with metal studs can be used from November through April for snow, ice and other conditions and tires with retractable studs are allowed on roadways year round, according to the bill. 

If House Bill 1309 were to pass, a fee beginning in July of 2019 imposed on the sale of each new tire with studs would be increased from $5 to $100, which would be paid to the retailer. As of right now, the retailer is allowed to keep 10 percent of that fee, or 50 cents. The bill proposes that retailers keep one percent, or $10 of the fee. 

WSDOT extends 2018 studded tire removal deadline to April 15

In January of 2020, the bill moves the sale of a studded tire would be a traffic infraction.

July 1 of 2025, with the exception of retractable studs, studded tires would no longer be allowed on public highways in the state of Washington and the Washington State Department of Transportation would have to change the signage to no longer reference studded tires. 

The bill is currently in the House Committee and sponsored by democratic representatives Cindy Ryu from the 32nd legislative district and Steve Tharinger from the 24th legislative district.