Puerto Rico teenager delivers solar lamps to victims of Hurricane Maria

It's been four months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. People are still struggling in the wake of the storm, and one teenager is doing what he can to help.

15-year-old Salvador Gomez Colon raised about $124,000 through a crowd funding campaign, and used the money to distribute solar lamps, phone chargers and hand-operated washing machines to the people of Puerto Rico, according to CNN Money

After the storm hit, Gomez Colon knew he needed to help, but wanted to focus his efforts on getting people what they needed, beyond food and money.

“The first idea that came to mind was about light. Thousands and thousands of families don’t have power and light. It’s a safety and public health issue,” Gomez Colon told Teen Vogue.

PBS NewsHour reports that, as of late January, 450,000 electricity customers on the island are without power.

Gomez Colon started his online fundraiser back in September and had raised $14,000 in its first day. At last check, he had surpassed his initial $100,000 goal by $24,000. Now he travels around the island with family and friends to personally deliver the lamps and washing machines to people in need. So far he has helped more than 800 households and still has more deliveries to make.

If you'd like to donate to Gomez Colon's campaign, you can do so here: https://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/light-and-hope-for-puerto-rico-a-citizen-campaign

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