WSU student arrested in cocaine bust

According to court documents, 21-year-old Washington State University student Sierra Windsor was arrested this week for selling cocaine to an undercover informant wearing a wire. 

Pullman Police say alcohol is still the main problem at WSU, but they are aware of some hard drug use. 

"We have a harder problem with prescription drugs, cocaine, and heroin," Chris Tennant, commander of Pullman Police Department said. He went on to explain that hard drug use happens "more often than parents would like. It's available for anyone that would like it."

Steve Hansen, Assistant Chief of WSU Police, said the best thing parents can do to avoid their kids doing or dealing drugs, is to communicate with them. 

"I would have that conversation long before they get to high school or college about drug use and the potential ramifications of it," Hansen told KHQ.

KHQ talked to other schools in the area about drug use on their campuses. Bother Eastern and Central Washington Universities aid marijuana is still the most-used drug on campus. Eastern said they had only arrested two  people for drugs besides marijuana. According to Gonzaga, there were no drug-related arrests on campus in 2014 or 2013; there was one in 2012. 

The University of Idaho said they weren't sure of the statistics, but sent us this statement, "As with any university, we face challenges with drug and alcohol use. Alcohol remains the most abused substance and we work with our campus community to address it though education, programs and counseling. Helping our students learn to make responsible choices is part of the college experience. Our students also know that irresponsible and illegal behavior will have consequences."

We are still waiting to hear back from Whitworth.