Q6 Cold Case Files: Somebody was watching

It was one horrible crime, but two very different beliefs of how it went down. Police suspect the victim, 13-year-old Russell Evans, was run over by a hit and run driver. His body was found in the middle of the road.

Some believe it was an accident and the driver fled the scene. Others say this was something much more sinister.

"He was just a kid, he didn't deserve to die in the street," said Russell's cousin Chris Rosenau.

It was June 3, 1989. Russell Evans was just hanging with some buddies and walking home to his dad's place on Spokane's South Hill. His body was found near 12th and Ray. He was rushed to the hospital but died within hours. The internal injuries were just too traumatic.

"He died the night of my birthday," Chris said.

Chris and Russell were so close, more like brothers. The loss has been devastating.

"We were only about 11 months apart," he said.

Initially, the family viewed it as a tragic accident. They said police told them it was a likely hit and run.

"This was no accident, something happened to him," Chris said.

Something evil. The family hired their own experts to look into the case. That included a pathologist who found injuries consistent with a brutal beating before he was hit. The family was told he had fingerprint bruising on his arms, among other injuries that couldn't have been the result of a car hitting him.

"His knuckles looked as if he got his fight in to try to protect himself," Chris said.

They believe whoever did this, may have run over Russell after beating him. Some question whether he was run over at all.

The only thing they're sure of is that this world is a much darker place without Russell Evans in it.

"I got to go become a man, have children, a wife," Chris said. "Russell didn't get to do any of that. It all got cut short, he didn't deserve any of that.

If you can help solve this case, please call SPD.

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