QQ Sushi investigation

SPOKANE, Wash. - The owner of QQ Sushi & Kitchen in north Spokane has confirmed that two people have been fired after a series of videos showing conditions in the restaurant's kitchen were published online. 

The videos showed employees apparently preparing food on the floor and not properly icing raw meats.

According to the owner, a health inspector will be coming to the restaurant on Tuesday, February 11. 

Previous inspection reports from the Spokane Regional Health District state QQ has had a number of previous documented violations during routine inspections and re-inspections. Some of those violations included improper raw meat storage, out-of-date food worker cards, improper cooling or cold-holding procedures and failure of wiping cloth/usage/storage/sanitation.

QQ Sushi & Kitchen closed Sunday evening after the videos surfaced, and has remain closed Monday and Tuesday. Several staff members appeared to be cleaning around the restaurant Monday. They are tentatively scheduled to reopen Wednesday.

KHQ's Sydnee Stelle is working on a full report on food inspection reports and the status of other Spokane restaurants. Check back for that story tonight on KHQ.