Rathdrum man rescues kidnapped woman

The middle of the road is a dangerous spot for anyone, but especially dangerous for someone who can't see.

"She was covered from head to neck in duct tape," explained Justin Nagel, of Rathdrum, who found a woman on Wednesday night standing, gagged and blindfolded at Hidden Valley Road and Highway 53.

He jumped out of his car to help as soon as he realized she needed help. 

Woman abducted at a Spokane supermarket, found along Highway 53 in Rathdrum; Three suspects arrested

"Lots of people are shy, intimidated, and think someone else will just help," he said. "But not me. I just pulled over and gave a hand."

Justin cut the duct tape off the woman, ungagged her, and gave her a warm wool blanket.

"It was unsettling, to see somebody upset as she was," he explained. "She was afraid for her children, and expressed that the people who kidnapped her knew her and her children."

It's of course not every day something so unsettling happens in the tiny town of Rathdrum, but Justin remains ready to help.

"You just have to pay attention to what's going on around you," he said. "Be vigilant and be ready to help somebody out."

"Hopefully she'll be ok," he added. 

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