Rathdrum's Tunnel of Terror is a scary good time

On the outside, it may look like an old shed.

But looks can be deceiving; it's what’s on the inside that'll scare you.

“17 years ago, we decided to make a little haunted tunnel out in our front yard for our grandkids,” Ruth Maryott said.

17 years and lots of labor have turned the tunnel into what it is today, a haunted attraction that attracts people from all over the Inland Northwest.

Ruth Maryott and her husband, who are in there 70’s, own the spooky 700-foot attraction.

"And we continue to do it because we like to give pleasure to people and kids,” Maryott said.

Maryott gave us a tour through the Tunnel Of Terror, which is filled with every scary thing you could think of.

Maryott says what keeps people coming back are that they do something new and different every year.

This year, you’re taking a step into Jurassic Park.

“When the black light believe me is on these things, it looks like this guy is going to eat you right up,” Maryott described.

Clever girl.

“I don't think we do too bad for a couple of old people in their 70's,” Maryott said.

The tunnel is open every Friday and Saturday night and on Halloween in the month of October.

The Tunnel Of Terror is located in Rathdrum on Diagonal Road.