IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Mayor David Condon Gives The State Of The City Address

Spokane Mayor David Condon sent his responses Friday to questions asked in a Nov. 30 letter from City Council to members of the council and joint committee.

The City says the responses will be included with the documents for the independent evaluator to review. The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington, at the request of Condon and City Council President Ben Stuckart, has provided a list of potential independent evaluators to conduct an inquiry into the process, policy and timelines associated with recent Spokane Police personnel movement and release of public records.

6 questions with Spokane mayor David Condon

Condon and Stuckart have not yet made a choice for the independent evaluator. A joint coordination team of Councilmember Karen Stratton, City Council Attorney Brian McClatchey, private attorney Laura McAloon and City Utility Director Rick Romero will serve as liaisons to the independent reviewer, help refine the scope of the inquiry, and jointly provide any future public updates.  Complaints filed with the citizen Ethics Commission will be handled through the normal process.

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