Landslide over South Lake Shore Road in Chelan County

Photo Courtesy of Chelan County Public Works

CHELAN COUNTY, Wash. - Normally in September, Spokane gets about 0.6 inches of rain all month long.
On Monday, the area saw 0.64 inches in just a 24-hour period, breaking a daily record of 0.58 inches set in Spokane back in 1931.
Omak also saw 0.47 inches of rain, breaking their 1952 daily record of 0.38 inches.
The rain is causing flooding in places like Wenatchee and landslides in Chelan County. One landslide closed South Lake Shore Road at Slide Ridge in Chelan County.
Crews were able to open a bypass road, but the roadway won't be back open for a couple of days as they work to clear all the debris. 
WHITMAN COUNTY, Wash. - The streets of Downtown Pullman are filling with inches of water for a second time in 2019.
A large storm cell has parked itself on top of the college town, dumping .75 inches of rain in an hour on Pullman and contributing to the flooding.
The National Weather Service issues a flood advisory for Northeastern Whitman County until 5:30 p.m. after the radar picked up heavy rain.
SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - Spokane's National Weather Service office is asking the public to stay vigilant, especially near burn scars or steep terrain.
"Sometimes you'll hear a roaring sound if there's something coming down off a hillside, so if you were to hear that, you'd want to get out of the way immediately," NWS Meteorologist Jeremy Wolf said. 
As the Inland Northwest continues to see rain in the forecast, and the NWS continues to issue more advisories, watches and warnings, it's important to know the difference between the three. 
A watch is issued when conditions are favorable for flooding, but nothing is happening yet. 
An advisory is issued when flooding is imminent or currently happening, but it's minor. It's more of a nuisance than anything else. 
A warning is the most serious of the three. It means that flooding is either imminent or happening right now and you need to get to safety.
If you are near steep terrain or a burn scar, you need to either seek shelter or move to higher ground as landslides are possible.