Restorium in Boundary County reports flu outbreak within the facility

The Restorium in Boundary County reports a flu outbreak within the facility. The cases have been reported to the Panhandle Health District including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Panhandle Health District rules to stop the spread and protect the public and residents of the Restorium include:

  • Visitors should stay away if possible, emergencies accepted.
  • Any visitor, volunteer or employees are asked to stay away for at least 72 hours after all symptoms of the flu have gone away.
  • ¬†All staff, residents and visitors are instructed to wash hands regularly, especially before meals.
  • ¬†Residents who are ill with the flu are asked to stay in their rooms until all symptoms are gone.
  • Meals to ill residents will be served in their rooms.
  • Additional housekeeping practices are in place to clean all surfaces in the facility.
  • Activities have been limited until the flu symptoms have gone away.

The Restorium is not in Quarantine or lockdown. It is, however, taking every precaution to protect the residents and public.

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