IRONMAN 2021 finishers

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- In the amount of time most people would spend on a normal work day, Sam Long completed the grueling 140 mile IRONMAN race and he did it in over 100 degree heat. 

Long's total race time is 8:07:40, beating the second place finisher Justin Metzler by over 5 minutes. Metzler finished in second with a race time of 8:13:03. He was followed by the third place finisher, Pedro Gomes with a race time of 8:17:06. 

The three men crossed the finish line just past 1:00pm, where the temperature was hovering at roughly 101 degrees. Long celebrated his first place finish by dumping water on his head to cool off.

Hundreds of spectators cheered the racers on from the railings as mist sprayed down from the cooling stations set up around the track. 

The cheering will continue as more racers finish throughout the afternoon.