Days before she was attacked, Hailey Swansen’s mother, Attea, says Hailey was being threatened by one of the suspects. 

During that vicious assault, Hailey was knocked unconscious, suffered a broken eye socket, a shattered cheekbone, and a caved in sinus.

Hospitalized, her spirit broken, her mother says still, the threats haven’t stopped.

"I was getting a whole bunch of threatening text messages and that I should go kill myself,” Hailey said.

Hailey said the text messages are from people she did not know.

“It's terrifying, it's scary for me to go to work,” Attea Voigt said, “it's scary for me to leave her alone.”

According to, nearly half of all teens have been the victim of a cyber bully.

One in four say it’s happened more than once and only one in ten will say something about it to a trusted adult.

Attea is glad to count Hailey in that group that reached out for help, but still, she says it’s a frightening, helpless feeling, especially since her daughter has struggled with mental health following the death of her brother and father.

"The mental health aspect of it is just as scary for me,” Attea said.

But the pair is still trying to keep positive and look for hope where they can.

On the positive side, Attea says Hailey has received tons of support from the small Sandpoint community whom she says is standing up to this kind of violence.

"I'm hoping that with the community rallying around behind her and stuff that she knows that she is worth it to be here, you know, it doesn't have to go that way,” Voigt said.