Sandpoint fire re-opening

Like an artist at a canvas, Michelle Eagan is in her spot.

26 years, all at Sandpoint Tattoo and Body Piercing.

“I was so used to it and it's been a big part of my life,” Eagan said, “it's different."

It’s different now.

“I cried for several hours in disbelief and couldn't believe that it happened,” she said.

Sandpoint Tattoo and Body Piercing was one of five businesses that were destroyed during a February fire.

But it reopened Tuesday, three months to the day.

“Today is my opening grand day,” Eagan said.

Eagan is in a new space, just a few doors down from her old spot on First Avenue in downtown Sandpoint.

She says people even showed up Tuesday morning before she opened.

“I did a piercing about 10:30 this morning before I even opened, the door was open and sold some jewelry,” Eagan said.

The city of Sandpoint says demolition is almost complete on the 100-year-old buildings that were destroyed.

They expect demolition to be done by Wednesday.

For Michelle, she’s back doing what she loves.

“It's all mine now and it's different, I'll get used to it,” Eagan said, “I just want to get back working."

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