Woman sues T-Mobile store employee who stole sex video from her phone

After a series of threats at Lake City High School in Coeur d'Alene, the school district is giving parents the tools necessary to keep up with their kids social media use. 

With many instructional YouTube videos on popular apps, Smart Social is used by school districts across the country.

Aside from the YouTube videos, the site ranks apps on a color scale: green is good, grey is in the middle, an red means kids should not have it.

For parents and teachers, it’s more about making them familiar with the apps their kids have.

For students, it’s about showing them that future employers can see everything they’ve posted.

“There is an impact positive and negative to how we interact with technology and one another online,” Seth Deniston said.

Deniston is the director of technology for Coeur d’Alene Schools.

He says the district has used the website for over a year now.

With the most recent threats at Lake City High School made via Snapchat and Sarahah, it’s time for parents to freshen up on what apps their kids have.

“It's good for parents to be aware of what their kids are doing on cell phones,” Deniston said, “and to know a little bit about each of the apps that they have and to be able to have a conversation with them about how to best use those apps."


For more information regarding Smart Social click here: https://smartsocial.com/

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