SPOKANE, Wash. - SCRAPS is investigating a local dog day care center after a video surfaced on Facebook showing the apparent abuse of a dog. 

Dozens of viewers have forwarded the video to KHQ, claiming the incident happened at Jeanne's Doggie Daycare and Pet Hotel on Appleway Ave. in Spokane Valley. 

According to an employee, the video was taken on Tuesday, February 25th.  A manager also told KHQ the employee seen in the video harming the dog has been fired. The manager says the other employee in the video reported the disturbing conduct of her colleague immediately, resulting in his termination.

A manager told KHQ since the video went viral, their locations have received death threats from as far away as Missouri. Because of that, she's asked we not identify her.

"Following the incident (Tuesday morning,) I received a call from the staff member involved," the manager told KHQ's Hayley Guenthner. "She told me what happened and expressed her concern for the dog. I immediately was on my way to the location and had him pulled from the dogs. I drove out there to investigate and assess the situation."

This manager claims the employee was fired before the video began spreading on social media.

"I did not give him the opportunity to say anything," she said. "The video is disturbing."

KHQ also asked her if they had been accused of abuse before.

"Not to my knowledge," she said.

The business has been in contact with Spokane Valley Police.  SCRAPS is also aware of the video and investigating the incident.

An employee of Jeanne's tells KHQ phone calls have been pouring into the business from across the country, even a death threat from Arkansas.

KHQ has reached out to the owners of the business, but another employee said they are out of town, however, KHQ has learned they are headed back to Spokane right now.