SCSO investigating threat made by Medical Lake High School student

Medical Lake High School parents woke up to a voicemail on Friday saying there were threats made by one of the high school students. The threats were posted on Facebook Thursday night and a school official was mentioned in the video.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office says they are investigating right now and they don't believe anyone is in danger.

The school district also said that the situation is under control but it did cause quite the scare for parents.

Below is the email that Medical Lake High School Principal Chris Spring sent out:

"Dear Students and Families,

We are writing/calling to inform you that there were threats directed toward Medical Lake High School students and staff through social media last night. These threats were made by one of our high school students.

Due to the nature of these threats, the offending student will not be permitted on campus and a full investigation by law enforcement is already underway.

The situation is under control and we will take every necessary precaution moving forward to ensure the safety of our students and staff at Medical Lake High School.

Chris Spring


The Medical Lake School District Superintendent, Tim Ames, says on Thursday night, there was a basketball game for senior night.

The student in question was there with an adult, but after some disruptive behavior, "We asked both the adult and the student to leave. They were escorted out of the high school. Obviously, it upset the student to the point where after the game, he posted some things on social media on Facebook," said Ames.

SCSO says the student who made the threats has special needs.

Ames says deputies were called and went to the students home and began investigating.

"It was determined that it was not a viable threat," Ames said.

The district let parents and students know what happened, even though it wasn't a viable threat. "There's always precautions; with what happened with the situation at Freeman (High School), we have all been on alert," said Ames.

Now they are determining the next steps and making sure that the student gets the help he needs. "You just can't do that as a student. There's discipline to come," said Ames.

The superintendent encourages if you ever see something, say something. In this case, parents and students did just that.

We're told nobody was hurt.

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