Second Chance Ranch needs help moving horses into new home

A non-profit organization that provides therapy for military families with their horses has moved closer to Spokane, but they are in need of the community’s help now.

Katie Merwick, the founder of Second Chance Ranch, has been operating the organization for nearly two decades.

“Our center is really unique. It's a learning center,” she says.

Learning with something called “Leading with Horses.” She says it’s a way to provide therapy and counseling to military families outside of the home in an interactive way with lessons with the horses.

“When I give them a goal or a task to accomplish as a family, it's much easier outside of the home with this horse they're having fun and laughing, but they're also learning new communication skills,” Merwick says.

She wanted to bring her work closer to Spokane, so she could partner with colleges so students in psychology programs could intern or learn at the ranch.

Merwick started the move over the weekend, but it wasn’t a smooth one. She says someone broke into her new place and stole her washer and dryer. She also had fencing people cancel on her, and some of the horses haven’t been moved to the new property yet so she’s dividing her time to make sure all of the horses are taken care of right now.

“We'd really like to get everyone home,” she says.

She needs help with fencing, hauling, funding, and some of the daily chores around the ranch. Merwick hopes that the ranch can be a place that will provide what this community needs.

“It’s just endless possibilities with these horses,” she says. “These horses are really amazing. I don't want to use the word magical because that sounds corny, but there's just something that happens at Second Chance Ranch. There's just a magic that happens.”

If you’d like to learn more, you can go to their website:

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